Since 1994, volunteers in policing have dedicated their time and effort to serving the people of Moorpark. The program started out with approximately five volunteers who ran a police resource center on Moorpark Avenue. This resource center focused on providing the public with services such as fingerprinting, disaster assistance and referral services. By 1997, the program had grown to over ten members and volunteers began to patrol the city and assist deputies with non-sworn duties such as traffic control.

In August of 1998, the Moorpark Police Service Center opened at 26 Flory Avenue. This new building allowed a centralized location for all of the Moorpark Police services. Prior to this location, the volunteers ran the resource center on Moorpark Avenue and the sworn personnel worked out of the Sheriff's East Valley Station in Thousand Oaks. The volunteers began to staff the front office and provide services from the Moorpark Police Services building.

By 1999, the program had grown to 26 members and on October 1, 1999, the volunteers celebrated the program's five year anniversary. During those five years, the volunteers had contributed over 16,000 hours of service to their community.

By 2000, the volunteers continued to maintain a strong role at the station providing administrative services. The patrolling services continued to expand and many of the patrol volunteers had been trained to tow vehicles, issue parking citations, take reports on non-suspect crimes and assist with other non-sworn duties. Working in conjunction with the Moorpark Unified School District, volunteers fingerprinted, photographed and provided computerized and personalized safety awareness packets at no cost to over 75% of the third grade students in Moorpark.

In December of 2005, the Moorpark Police Services building was completed and the volunteers, along with the rest of the department moved into its current facility, located at 610 Spring Road, Moorpark, California 93021.

To date, the members of the volunteers in policing program continue to serve the community of Moorpark with the dedication and efforts of its members. To read more about the services that the members provide, read the services page.
Moorpark Volunteers in Policing - Flory Station

Moorpark Volunteers in Policing


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