Extra Patrol/Vacation House Checks
Business owners and residents may request extra patrol of their property while they are on vacation or if they have reason to suspect being extraordinarily victimized by a crime. VIPs and Deputies are informed of the extra patrol locations and make an effort to check those areas for suspicious or criminal activity. If you would like an extra patrol of your property, you may submit a form at the Moorpark Police Station, located at 610 Spring Road, Moorpark, California 93021.

Traffic Control
VIPs are trained in proper traffic control on the city's streets. Excessive pedestrians or an automotive collision can often result in the necessity to close lanes and direct vehicles and pedestrians to maintain the flow of traffic.

Parking Enforcement
VIPs are trained in parking enforcement and are authorized to issue parking citations and to assist in towing vehicles within the city.

Report Writing
Much of the property crime in the city can be handled by VIPs. Vandalism, burglary, theft, trespassing and other crimes can be investigated and reported by VIPs. The VIPs' ability to write reports saves the sworn deputies a lot of time and allows them to remain on the streets to handle more serious crimes.

Gas Pump Checks
Unfortunately there is a high frequency of identity theft crime where people have their credit card information stolen from credit card skimmers. There are many methods for thieves to retrieve credit card information and one of them is to install credit card skimming devices on gas pumps. These devices can be installed both externally and internally on the gas pump. VIPs are specially trained to search for and identify skimming devices in gas pumps throughout the city. Despite the VIPs' efforts to be proactive in the fight against credit card skimmers, it is still recommended that you pay with cash or use your credit card inside the gas stations rather than using the gas pump for the transaction.

Crime Scene Security/Emergency Call-Outs
VIPs are on call at all times to respond to emergency call-outs. In the event of a call-out, VIPs are able to provide crime scene security, traffic control and any other needed services at the scene. Some VIPs are trained to operate the department's mobile command post in an emergency event.

Special Events
VIPs participate in the 3rd of July, Moorpark Country Days, High School Graduation and other special events within the city. When large crowds demand more assistance, VIPs provide additional help with traffic control, first aid, finding lost children and improving the overall security of the event.

Equipment Maintenance
When vehicles and other equipment is in need of servicing, VIPs assist with transporting the equipment to the appropriate departmental divisions for repair or calibration.

Station Tours
On occasion, the police station holds an open house event where it is open to the public for guided tours. During the open house event, VIPs and other department personnel, provide tours of the facility and vehicles. In addition to the open house events, VIPs provide station tours by appointment.

Within the station's walls, VIPs work in the front office assisting people who come to the lobby. VIPs assist with processing reports and documents as well as other administrative tasks.
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